Dear Author,

Hi! I'm glad you're writing for me. 

Just so you know, I requested these fandoms because I want to see fic for any/all of them. Even if one entry is longer than the others (you'll be able to tell immediately which one I am referring to), don't let that get you down. I'll love any fic for any of the fandoms, and if you ODAO I'll still be thrilled.

I'm going to say right off that I prefer gen to shipfic, but background ships are fine. There's more on that in the prompts.

Things I would rather not see:
  • Character bashing/X character unfriendly fic
  • Smut/PWP (fade to black + non-graphic depictions of sex are fine; I do not consider making out + heavy petting explicit sexual content)
  • Pregnancy
  • Oviposition
  • Kids who are not canon characters
  • High school or college AUs
  • Non or dub-con between any of the requested characters
  • Guro
Things I like:
  • Friendship! Especially unlikely friendships.
  • Hurt/comfort!
  • Mental health issues 
  • Torture recovery
  • Trauma recovery
  • Trauma aftermath
  • This includes non-con and/or dub-con aftermath--all I ask for is no very explicit sexual content (as in, content you'd consider full-on smut/porn, fade to black and non-graphic depictions are fine)
  • I really like it when characters are mentally broken 
  • Caretaking
  • I'm really up for just about any dark themes/content that don't include the DNWs above
  • There's more stuff in the actual prompts
  • Seriously, if you decide to ODAO on the prompts, pulling something from this list would make me so happy.

A Gifted Man

Characters: Anton, Michael

Spoilers for the series below! 

I would really prefer gen/friendship for this fandom, full stop. I would be really, really happy with h/c fic with Anton as the hurt party (since I loved the episode where he got shot and the one right after) and some more exploration of him as having some darkness of his own, and Michael awkwardly attempting to help his...friend.

Specific prompts:
  • After Anton gets shot, his neurological issue is resolved, but, as it turns out, the psychological issues are not. There's post-traumatic issues, and he's still miserable, which is just rich, and he hates that people know he's messed up, since he's supposed to be stable. Michael suddenly has to give someone else lectures about learning how to accept help.
  • What happened after the episode with the rabies patient? How did Anton get home? Maybe Michael drives him.
Also, I'd love other characters being included in major or minor roles, I just want the focus to be on the requested characters.
Whitechapel (TV)

Characters: Joseph Chandler, Ray Miles

Spoilers for the series below!

I love the relationship between Joe and Miles in this show and the way that their friendship grows over time, plus how Miles tries to help Joe. I'd love h/c and some focus on Joe's mental health issues.
I'd love other characters being included in major or minor roles, I just want there to be a fair amount of focus on the requested characters caring about and being exasperated by each other. Also, I am fine with Chandler/Kent in the background.

Specific prompts:
  • Joe becoming part of the Miles family.
  • Sickfic? Chandler gets sick and completely refuses to acknowledge it.
  • Miles is afraid that Joe's impaired sense of self-preservation may not be as unconscious as he thought. (As in, he's worried that he's suicidal. I'd rather there not be any completed suicide, though.) 
(ODAO all over the place if you want to, this one's hella vague.)

The Good Place

Characters: Chidi, Eleanor, Jason, Tahani


I'm requesting these guys as found family because I love them.
I would really prefer gen/friendship fic, but I'm a-ok with ships like Jason/Janet and any combination of Chidi/Eleanor/Tahani (though Chidi/Eleanor is my favorite) as long as the ships are not the main focus of the fic. What I really want is friendship and dysfunctional found family fic with these guys, in any way. Hurt/comfort and angst would also be fantastic, because I'm a huge fan of dark/angsty fic for sitcom fandoms. 

I really enjoy the way Eleanor and Jason interact as the two "bottom of the barrel" inhabitants of the 'Good Place', and I just would like to see more of their friendship. I just want to see them bonding, even if it's (on Eleanor's part) from the place of 'oh thank goodness there's someone here who's not better than me and who listens to me, sort of, and also he could very well get me damned for the rest of eternity so, gotta be careful about that, protecting him is protecting myself, etc.'

I also would like to see Jason and Tahani maybe getting to know each other, especially since they started out as soulmates. Maybe they keep finding each other too?

And Chidi and Tahani hanging out too.

Actually, just various permutations of these characters, and/or all four of them together, or even just the various permutations as long as you can hopefully fit the four in one fic. Also, maybe some more about their lives before death? None of them seemed particularly broken up about dying, honestly, and I think it might be interesting to explore that. 

Maybe even a post-Bad Place fic where they can actually get to know each other for more than eleven months, or a fic where they always at least register that, huh, maybe they know each other, and how they meet up. Or a fic that would probably be canon divergence post-Team Cockroach where they try to dodge Vicky while getting to know each other again at a deep level, and maybe, if you want to go darker, the 'Good Place' gets more genuinely sinister. 

But I mostly just want fic with all of these characters together as a dysfunctional family with bonus hurt/comfort, and throw in any dark elements you want. But ODAO. Go wherever you want as long as you don't include my DNWs.

Also, I'm watching the new seasons as it airs, so no worries about spoilers, and I know writing for an ongoing canon is wild, so...don't stress about it.

(And feel free to include Michael or other characters.)

Edited: Tuesday, Oct. 10th to stress ODAO. Do what makes you happy, writer.
sacrifice asphyxiation whipping /
loss of vision slaves forced body modification Stockholm syndrome sensory deprivation
shipwrecked forced to hurt somebody WILD CARD
hunger /
culture shock
rejection chronic illness
/ pain
trust issues hallucinations fever / delirium
mutation drugged witch hunt blackmail
You know what? I am making a potentially broken promise to DO THIS ONE. It's a great card!

Points of Transition: Corridors and Stairways The Rumour Mill Isolation / Loneliness Sadness Light-Hearted
Vengeance Holiday Cottages Forgiveness Hurt / Comfort Terrible Choices
Self-Harm Awkwardness Wild CardDystopias Amnesia
Violence Megacities Hallucinations / Visions Women Being Awesome Something is Concealed
Injury Case / Mission Fic Someone gains Purpose
cid and Honey
Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow
Someone is Captured Tragedy

Trope Bingo decided to do an amnesty round, so I'm going to work on my old cards and actually get bingos on them! I'm going to repost those cards here since everything else I'll do there will pretty much be for this round. Not only that, but there are a couple of public cards posted, which I'm going to post here so that I can see them and work on them. 

Various cards )
I just decided to put all of these together so it would be easier for me to see (and fill), rather than just bouncing around different posts to try and actually get bingos on any of these cards.

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