2017-08-31 10:58 pm

HC_Bingo Round 8, 2nd Card

sacrifice asphyxiation whipping /
loss of vision slaves forced body modification Stockholm syndrome sensory deprivation
shipwrecked forced to hurt somebody WILD CARD
hunger /
culture shock
rejection chronic illness
/ pain
trust issues hallucinations fever / delirium
mutation drugged witch hunt blackmail
2017-05-16 08:44 pm

Genprompt Bingo Round 12

You know what? I am making a potentially broken promise to DO THIS ONE. It's a great card!

Points of Transition: Corridors and Stairways The Rumour Mill Isolation / Loneliness Sadness Light-Hearted
Vengeance Holiday Cottages Forgiveness Hurt / Comfort Terrible Choices
Self-Harm Awkwardness Wild CardDystopias Amnesia
Violence Megacities Hallucinations / Visions Women Being Awesome Something is Concealed
Injury Case / Mission Fic Someone gains Purpose
cid and Honey
Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow
Someone is Captured Tragedy

2017-03-07 01:14 pm

Trope Bingo (Amnesty) Round Eight

Trope Bingo decided to do an amnesty round, so I'm going to work on my old cards and actually get bingos on them! I'm going to repost those cards here since everything else I'll do there will pretty much be for this round. Not only that, but there are a couple of public cards posted, which I'm going to post here so that I can see them and work on them. 

Various cards )
2017-03-07 01:00 pm

Genprompt Bingo Rounds 9, 10, 11

I just decided to put all of these together so it would be easier for me to see (and fill), rather than just bouncing around different posts to try and actually get bingos on any of these cards.