telm_393 ([personal profile] telm_393) wrote2015-08-21 09:22 am

Hurt/Comfort Bingo Rounds Six and Seven

Since these rounds have both passed, I figured I'd put both cards here, just in case I wanted to do any amnesty fills.

Round Six

forced marriage bruises nausea stalkers surgery
imprisonment abandonment issues
andom: Whitechapel (ITV)
andom: The Flash (TV 2014)
amnesia loss of home / shelter
culture shock asphyxiation WILD CARD fire atonement
andom: The Flash (TV 2014)
disappearing slaves fall from grace orphans learning to be loved
loss of identity substance addiction stranded / survival scenario heat stroke bullet wounds

Round Seven 

begging drugged broken bones lost childhood fighting
falling nausea forced soulbonding magical trouble loss of hearing
electrocution head trauma WILD CARD explosion homesickness
hiding an injury / illness major illness or injury estrangement heat exhaustion / heat stroke skeletons in the closet
tyranny / rebellion medication forced body modification crucifixion hunger / starvation